What you'll need...

Wholesome Pet Immune Boost

2 cups of bone broth

1 small carrot

1/2 cup of garden peas

1/2 cup of blueberries

1 small broccoli


Natural treats for sticks



For a deliciously nutritious treat

This really is a simple recipe to add a little extra nutrition into your pet’s diet, plus it’s a delicious treat in-between meal times which I’m sure your pet will adore.

First thing’s first though, you’ll need some tasty bone broth… take a look at our Tummy Balance Bone Broth Recipe here and come back when you’re done! It’s an absolute essential to enhancing your pet’s wellness offering superior gut and digestion health as well as being jam-packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, protein, collagen, glycine and glucosamine.



Finely chop the Broccoli florets, dice the carrot into little pieces and split the blueberries in half for little pets. Fill your moulds up a quarter of the way before sprinkling in the fruit, vegetables and a dose of Immune Boost. Finish with the remaining bone broth before pressing in some natural treats for sticks. Voila!



Leave your pet’s popsicles to freeze for a minimum of 2 hours. You can keep them in the freezer for a couple of months.

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