What you’ll need…

1 tablespoon of Wholesome Pet Tummy Balance

1 free range chicken / 2 chicken frames and 2 turkey wings / approximately 1kg of raw chicken bones

1 cup of fresh parsley

2 large carrots

1/2 of a medium pumpkin

3 small apples

1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar

Filtered water to cover



Bone broth to settle the stomach and add essential nutrients to your pet’s diet

The benefits of giving your cat or dog bone broth are much like drinking it ourselves; with an abundance of nutrients that may have been otherwise missed in our daily diet. Bone broth can help protect and improve joint health, maintain healthy skin and coat, support the immune system function, improve digestion and enhance nutrient absorption. Our simple recipe is a great way to add a little extra nutrition into your pet’s diet as well as a useful way to ensure poorly pets are getting fluids and nutrients.

Our tummy balancing bone broth produces an abundance of gelatine - a rich protein in our bone broth recipe; once in the digestive tract, gelatine binds with water to support the healthy movement of food through the intestines. Not only is the small intestine the primary site for nutrient absorption, it is also the first line of defence in the immune system. If the gut barrier becomes damaged or ‘leaky’, this can disrupt immune function.



Roughly chop all of the vegetables and fruit. Remember to take out all of the seeds from the pumpkin and apples… apple seeds are actually toxic to dogs despite the health benefits found in the fruit. Once everything is chopped, add in a generous tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar and some of the Wholesome Pet Tummy Balance before covering the ingredients with water. Pop it on the stove and leave on low... for overnight cooking why not try making our bone broth in a slow cooker?



Let your bone broth simmer on low for a minimum of 12 hours… the longer the better (we leave ours overnight). It may seem like an unnecessary amount of time but we can’t stress enough, it’s worth the wait. The long cooking time for bone broth breaks down cartilage and tendons releasing anti-inflammatory compounds, chondroitin and glucosamine sulphates as well as the tasty flavour from the additional fruits and vegetables. Once your bone broth has had the chance to develop and cool give it a good stir ensuring all of the goodness is throughout the liquid before pouring into jars and ice block trays for later. Take a look at these Immune Boost popsicles for a great way to use some of the broth.


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